The Four Basic Tenets of EMC Troubleshooting

The lull in the middle of the storm! As I write this I am sitting at home in the eye of hurricane Irene, the rain has stopped, the wind has stopped, and the sun is almost out. In the last 10 hours we have received over 6″ of rain. I know, however, that we have at least another 8 hours of torrential rain and hurricane force winds left before this thing is actually over.

At my presentation as part of the Consultant’s Workshop at the 2011 IEEE EMC Symposium in Long Beach, CA on Friday August 19, I talked about the four basis tenets of  EMC troubleshooting. If you understand these four basic principles, your EMC troubleshooting will be a lot easier and will go a lot faster. The four tenets are:

  • Divide and Conquer
  • Predominate Effect
  • The “Kill it Dead” Strategy
  • Fix Implementation

My next few blogs  will cover each of these basic principles individually.

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